Shuttle has done an amazing job over the last few years with its XPC systems. Shuttle originally put itself on the map as a motherboard OEM, then as the pioneer of the small form factor industry. In order to keep competitive with the dozens of new SFF units each year, Shuttle began to push sales toward its high end small form factor XPC line. As a result, accessory components for the XPC line are cropping up here and there, including the LCD monitor that we will look at today, the Shuttle XP17. Keep in mind that the last time we look at an LCD designed as an accessory for a high end workstation, we discovered the gem of LCD monitors, the Dell 2001FP.

Shuttle stirring the same amount of success as Dell seems fairly wishful thinking; yet, considering the quality of their XPC small form factor machines, we will most likely find ourselves looking at a sturdy, well crafted monitor.



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