Kicking off what’s set to be a busy May, this morning the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), the PC display industry’s primary consortium, is rolling out a new set of performance standards for variable refresh rate displays. Dubbed AdaptiveSync and MediaSync, these new test standards are designed to offer an industry-neural and open specification for the behavior and performance of DisplayPort displays. AdaptiveSync is a standard designed for high-end gaming displays, while MediaSync is aimed at eliminating video jitter on a much wider array of devices.

VESA Releases DockPort Specification

With Computex now in full swing this week has and will continue to be a flurry of product and standard announcements. To that end and kicking off their Tuesday...

7 by Ryan Smith on 6/2/2014

VESA and MIPI Announce Display Stream Compression Standard

For some time now the consumer electronics industry has been grappling with how to improve the performance and efficiency of display interfaces, especially in light of more recent increases...

85 by Ryan Smith on 4/22/2014

AMD’s DockPort Given Virtual Overview

Flying somewhat under the radar, DockPort from AMD is designed to be a low-cost all-in-one solution for external connectivity for a PC or tablet. Sound familiar? Like...

52 by Ian Cutress on 2/13/2014

AMD/TI's DockPort Adopted As Official Extension to DisplayPort Standard

Shortly after the launch of Intel’s Thunderbolt interface in 2011, there was a great deal of discussion to be had in several camps over what the future of data...

27 by Ryan Smith on 1/7/2014

Nixeus NX-VUE27D : A 27" $450 WQHD (2560x1440) IPS LED DP-Only Monitor

In August 2012, Nixeus launched the VUE27, a 27" WQHD (2560x1440) S-IPS LED monitor with a $430 price tag. However, the high demand led to a backlog and the...

30 by Ganesh T S on 10/1/2013

Zotac releases DisplayPort to dual HDMI adapter

Zotac has released two new products: Mini DisplayPort and DisplayPort to dual HDMI adapters. These adapters are first of their kind and simply have one (Mini) DisplayPort input and...

19 by Kristian Vättö on 8/2/2011

DisplayPort: Active Single-Link DVI Adaptors Available Soon

For quite a while now one of the largest obsticles for using Eyefinity in budget scanrios has been an issue of connectivity. Eyefinity video cards are cheap and large...

24 by Ryan Smith on 8/30/2010

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