One (M8)

Last week HTC launched their new HTC Hot Deals website which offers deals on HTC products every Tuesday. The first deal was an offer that put their newly released Nexus 9 tablet on sale for 50% off of its normal retail price. A combination of limited quantities and technical issues left many users frustrated, which led HTC to apologize and commit to fixing the issues with the website in time for the next deal. Now Tuesday has arrived, and HTC's latest deal is about to begin. The deal for this week offers the first 200 buyers the HTC One (M8) for $299, which is a $350 savings off the original price. After the first 200 units are sold, the next 300 buyers will pay $499...

HTC Announces the HTC One (M8) for Windows

It's been a while since we've seen a high-end device running Windows Phone 8 launch from a company other than Nokia. Despite Nokia's dominance, HTC has certainly not given...

61 by Brandon Chester on 8/19/2014

HTC Commits to Android L For One (M7) and (M8)

In a rather surprising move, HTC is the first OEM to promise an update to Android L. HTC has stated that this policy is part of their HTC Advantage...

11 by Joshua Ho on 6/25/2014

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