OnePlus 7

We’ve been with OnePlus since the One back in 2014. Over the years we’ve seen the company’s products have a large impact on the industry and particularly with the enthusiast community, delivering extremely solid products at extremely competitive price-points. Although most users will view the company’s smartphones as products focusing on delivering value, the truth is that over the years as OnePlus iterated with every new generation, it moved up in terms of both product quality as well as pricing. This upwards shift in quality has been especially visible last year in the OnePlus 6. The phone was a major iteration for the company and the new design language as well as industrial design really stepped things up. Both the OnePlus 6 and 6T refresh...

OnePlus 7 Series Launch in London: A Live Blog (Starts 3pm UTC / 4pm BST)

Today OnePlus is launching the new OnePlus 7 at simultaneous events around the world - we're live from the European London venue. Rumours have been floating around that OnePlus...

16 by Andrei Frumusanu on 5/14/2019

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