Today we're looking at some inexpensive ATX power supplies with a low output power. In most cases there is no need for a 1KW power supply when 350W to 450W units with an adequate cable configuration will do just fine. This is why we will review a few PSUs from manufacturers throughout the world which come up to these requirements. We have four units manufactured by FSP, three from HEC, one by Enermax, one ATNG, one CWT and one LongYi. The following review is one more look at seeing if you really get what you pay for—or if you can get high quality without breaking the bank. For this roundup we have 11 power supplies with different prices and power ratings. Will the most expensive...

550W Roundup: Three PSUs at Different Prices

"You get what you pay for!" Is this maxim realy true? On the one hand there are more than enough expensive PSUs with high ripple and noise results with...

83 by Martin Kaffei on 10/28/2010

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