One of the most misunderstood basic technical points over the past decade is related to power consumption and how different CPUs react differently to load. The basic premise is that when there is extra power budget available, individual cores can raise their frequency and voltage to maximize performance on short time scales, scaling back when more cores are needed. The confusion comes from how this works, intertwined with how TDP relates to power consumption. After some interesting personal discussions at Computex, Intel Fellow Guy Therien, the Chief Architect of Intel’s Performance Segmentation agreed to go on the record about how Intel has adapted its explanation of TDP and Turbo, as well as speak to Intel’s new Performance Maximizer overclocking tool. We also cover Intel’s...

The Intel Core i9-9900K at 95W: Fixing The Power for SFF

There is a lot of discussion about processor power recently. A lot of the issues stem around what exactly that TDP rating means on the box, and if it...

101 by Ian Cutress on 11/29/2018

Why Intel Processors Draw More Power Than Expected: TDP and Turbo Explained

One of the recent topics permeating through the custom PC space recently has been about power draw. Intel’s latest eight-core processors are still rated at a TDP of 95W...

90 by Ian Cutress on 11/9/2018

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