10:53AM EST - For the second year in a row, AMD has an official CES Keynote. A year on from the launch of Ryzen 4000 Mobile series processors, and after a recent hit with Zen 3-based Ryzen 5000 as well as RX 6000 GPUs, we're going to see what AMD has in store for us at the show this year. We're still waiting on the other Zen 3-based hardware, as well as more details about GPUs.

10:55AM EST - We should be starting here in just a few minutes

10:55AM EST - Dr. Lisa Su will be presenting

11:00AM EST - Here we go, 2 minute countdown

11:02AM EST - First up is Gary Shapiro, head of the CTA

11:02AM EST - Going over Lisa's credentials

11:02AM EST - Strong bets, meaningful partnerships, accelerating growth of AMD

11:03AM EST - Cutting edge tech to change the world

11:03AM EST - Redefining the industry

11:03AM EST - The future of entertainment, gaming, and work

11:03AM EST - AMD powers the most important services

11:03AM EST - Schooling to consoles to the cloud

11:04AM EST - Dr. Su is an engineer, a technologist, and a problem solver

11:04AM EST - Formerly IBM, Freescale (NXP)

11:04AM EST - AMD Intro video time

11:04AM EST - Hardware needs heart, software needs soul

11:05AM EST - Video of all the hackers

11:05AM EST - Mercedes F1 team!

11:06AM EST - Starting every Jan together, so virtual keynote is different to normal

11:06AM EST - Starting with COVID

11:07AM EST - 2020 was a productive year - accelerating the pace of digital transformation

11:07AM EST - The industry met the challenge

11:07AM EST - Driving innovation with partners and meeting the requirements of a digital first world

11:07AM EST - AMD COVID-19 HPC Fund

11:08AM EST - pooling resources on a challenge

11:08AM EST - Over 12 PetaFLOPs of compute donated as part of the fund

11:08AM EST - Now a researcher video

11:08AM EST - People in a variety of disciplines came together

11:09AM EST - Never enough computing available

11:09AM EST - AMD's donations allows us to make sense of the big data

11:09AM EST - Lawrence Livermore

11:10AM EST - Jobs that used to take weeks now run hours - it matters in a pandemic

11:10AM EST - 55 departments at University of Austin working on COVID

11:10AM EST - Leading to real answers

11:11AM EST - Israel as well

11:11AM EST - Positioning us better for the next pandemic

11:11AM EST - Business digital transformations that would have taken years were done in weeks

11:12AM EST - Record breaking video collaboration metrics

11:12AM EST - PC is ever more essential

11:12AM EST - Our relationship with technology has changed the way we do everything

11:12AM EST - It all requires high performance computing

11:13AM EST - Today will focus on high-perf compute

11:13AM EST - Starting with Microsoft and Panos Panay

11:13AM EST - Microsoft is learning to work differently

11:14AM EST - Still adapting, still learning

11:14AM EST - How we connect is changing, how we work is changing, how we learn is changing

11:14AM EST - even how we game is changing

11:14AM EST - The PC is more essential than ever before

11:14AM EST - It's not only a productivity tool, it's a connection tool

11:14AM EST - It's our responsibility to help our customers make those connections

11:15AM EST - The devices, the cloud, the consoles

11:15AM EST - Partnership with AMD is broad

11:16AM EST - Co-engineering between Microsoft and AMD

11:16AM EST - AMD's momentum is incredible, working with Lisa a long time

11:16AM EST - Xbox series S and Series X

11:16AM EST - What it means to deliver an incredible gaming experience

11:16AM EST - Highest performance console on the planet

11:17AM EST - Driving RDNA2 into the console and into the PC

11:17AM EST - Helping gamers push forward

11:18AM EST - Time for a video

11:18AM EST - Devices and gaming

11:19AM EST - Pluton

11:19AM EST - Threadripper Pro

11:19AM EST - Back to AMD

11:19AM EST - Last year, 300m PCs and Chromebooks sold

11:19AM EST - Expected to grow in 2021

11:20AM EST - PC has never been more essential

11:20AM EST - Zen 3

11:20AM EST - Leadership perf and efficiency

11:20AM EST - Largest Gen-on-Gen increase on Ryzen

11:20AM EST - fastest CPUs in the world for gamers and creators

11:20AM EST - Announcing Ryzen 5000 Mobile

11:21AM EST - Only 8-core x86 processor for ultrathin

11:21AM EST - The performance dictates what we can do

11:22AM EST - A significant step forward in perf and efficiency

11:22AM EST - 8 Zen 3 cores

11:22AM EST - Suitable for office and video editing and design

11:22AM EST - Setting the new bar for leadership performance

11:22AM EST - Ryzen 7 5800U

11:22AM EST - 4.4 GHz

11:22AM EST - PCM10 is +7% here

11:23AM EST - Battery life also important

11:23AM EST - 21rs video play back, 17.5 hours MobileMark 2018

11:23AM EST - Major jump over previous generation

11:23AM EST - Millions of people buy notebooks to play games

11:23AM EST - Desktop like perf in notebook form factor

11:23AM EST - HX series processors

11:24AM EST - Building the best gaming notebook processors, unlocked for overclocking

11:24AM EST - These have double the cache compared to last gen

11:24AM EST - 100+ Frames Per Second at 1080p on Horizon Zero Dawn

11:25AM EST - 4K High as well

11:25AM EST - (Is the double cache paired with an 8-core CCX? That would be effective quad-size cache)

11:25AM EST - Expecting 50%+ more gaming notebooks on AMD this year

11:26AM EST - Coming in February

11:26AM EST - HP CEO time

11:28AM EST - Partnership in commercial to ultrathin to gamer/creator PCs

11:28AM EST - Working on AMD commercial systems for 6-7 years

11:29AM EST - Since the early Ryzen layouts

11:29AM EST - Now for gaming

11:30AM EST - 80% of US citizens have played a game in the last 6 months

11:30AM EST - $147B TAM

11:30AM EST - More frames, more pixels, more immersive experiences

11:30AM EST - Hottest products are the consoles

11:30AM EST - Custom AMD SoCs with Ryzen and Radeon

11:30AM EST - AMD is pushing 5K gaming

11:30AM EST - 4K gaming

11:31AM EST - Now GPUs

11:31AM EST - RX 6000 series

11:31AM EST - Leadership at the high end

11:31AM EST - Millions of gamers are excited

11:31AM EST - Driving record number of gaming systems from OEMs and system builders

11:31AM EST - Underlying is RDNA2

11:32AM EST - RDNA2 is coming to gaming notebooks next

11:32AM EST - Dirt 5, 1440p Ultra High settings, 60 FPS+

11:32AM EST - First half of the year will have new discrete RDNA2 GPUs as well

11:33AM EST - These would be smaller Navi versions?

11:33AM EST - Lucasfilm partner spot time

11:34AM EST - Brand new Sydney studio, 5th studio

11:34AM EST - Infrastructure is the render farm

11:34AM EST - Sydney is exclusively AMD

11:34AM EST - Enabled the studio to hit the ground running

11:34AM EST - Early adopter of AMD Threadripper

11:34AM EST - TR enables scale and flexibility

11:35AM EST - Need as much firepower as possible

11:35AM EST - Enabling more power in someone's hands than anyone has had before

11:35AM EST - For both interactive and overnight processes

11:35AM EST - In a way they never have before

11:35AM EST - Changes how you approach the creative process

11:36AM EST - Pushing the envelope

11:36AM EST - Enabling artists to do more - working with new codecs and new file sizes in a cost effective way

11:36AM EST - It used to be only in bespoke hardware systems

11:37AM EST - Time for a Lucasfilm video

11:38AM EST - Lenovo CEO partner spot time

11:38AM EST - Working from home trend has shown the PC to be a required productivity tool

11:38AM EST - Any predictions saying that phones and tablets would replace the PC have fallen away

11:39AM EST - Addressing customer needs with a broad portfolio of AMD solutions

11:39AM EST - Leading gaming systems recognized by eSports enthusiasts

11:39AM EST - ThinkPad, Thinkbook, ThinkStation

11:39AM EST - Inspire the world

11:40AM EST - Smarter Technology for All

11:40AM EST - Connectivity for all

11:40AM EST - Embedding 5G for always connected

11:40AM EST - Customers need a breakthrough in existing technologies that are now essential

11:40AM EST - AI, hardware innovations

11:40AM EST - Lenovo is a customer-centric company

11:41AM EST - Making the biggest impact on customers

11:41AM EST - Now for FORMULA 1



11:42AM EST - and Toto

11:42AM EST - (Lewis hasn't signed a contract for 2021 yet, has he?)

11:42AM EST - AMD sponsors the Merc F1 team

11:42AM EST - Lets talk to Sir Lewis about gaming

11:42AM EST - console chat

11:42AM EST - Lewis' dad was always working with computers, his own IT business

11:43AM EST - Lewis learned to take apart PCs and build them

11:43AM EST - Takes his PS5 on the road with him

11:43AM EST - With a gaming monitor and headset

11:44AM EST - The role of technology in racing

11:44AM EST - Everything on an F1 car is built in house

11:44AM EST - except tires and brakes

11:44AM EST - Designed on CAD, bespoke software, aero data and analysis

11:44AM EST - real wind tunnel, virtual wind tunnel

11:44AM EST - advancing all the time

11:44AM EST - Each weekend has a 500GB+ data download

11:45AM EST - goes back to the UK HQ to digest and analyze

11:45AM EST - simulations throughout the weekend

11:45AM EST - setup, strategy

11:45AM EST - allows engineers and drivers to get ahead

11:45AM EST - direct link to how the car behaves

11:45AM EST - Everytime the car gets back into the garage and the data is downloaded

11:45AM EST - Analysed quickly allowing the driver and engineer to react in real time

11:46AM EST - needs more compute, always

11:46AM EST - Collaboration is more than just a sponsored logo

11:46AM EST - Marketing and branding is just the icing on the cake

11:46AM EST - Only a few partnerships are technical collaborations

11:46AM EST - AMD makes their way into our performance departments

11:47AM EST - aerodynamics, simulations

11:47AM EST - giving us an advantage

11:47AM EST - Also Merc Formula E and eSports

11:47AM EST - Growing our eSports department

11:47AM EST - a real professional team

11:47AM EST - audience is growing

11:47AM EST - area of performance, development, setup

11:47AM EST - giving a competitive advantage

11:47AM EST - Mercedes count on AMD

11:48AM EST - New F1 season starts soon (but China and Australia have been postponed, but Imola is back on the calendar!)

11:48AM EST - (Sorry everyone, I'm an F1 fan)

11:48AM EST - Now for EPYC

11:48AM EST - EPYC has been adopted by the biggest cloud, the fastest supercomputers

11:48AM EST - Being used everywhere

11:49AM EST - Powering internal infrastructure

11:49AM EST - Including Teams on Azure

11:49AM EST - All these customers will take as much compute power as they can get

11:49AM EST - Now for 3rd Gen EPYC, Milan

11:49AM EST - 64 cores on Zen 3

11:49AM EST - Demo running WRF

11:50AM EST - Weather prediction running in 120+ countries

11:50AM EST - CPU based

11:50AM EST - Two milan vs two Xeon Gold

11:50AM EST - +68% faster on single socket, 2x32-core Milan vs 2x28-core Xeon Gold 6258R

11:51AM EST - More to come

11:52AM EST - That's a wrap

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  • j@cko - Tuesday, January 12, 2021 - link

    Fun fact, AMD was a sponsor for Ferrari and Ferrari was on championship winning streak.
    AMD then switched to Mercedes and guess what... Mercedes went on this crazy championship streak.
    It's a funny coincidence.
  • elforeign - Tuesday, January 12, 2021 - link

    that's pretty funny and peculiar actually. I wasn't aware of this until you pointed it out.
  • silverblue - Thursday, January 14, 2021 - link

    AMD were Ferrari sponsors from 2002 until 2019, however Mercedes has won every title going since 2014. So, six constructors titles and six drivers world championships before AMD hopped on board.
  • esha_fatima - Saturday, July 10, 2021 - link

    This post is really very essential and authentic and creative because it has all the abilities that must be in the duo skin have but there are also very beneficial and valuable Essay Writing Services available which are giving their best and fantastic services all over Pakistan.
  • Teckk - Tuesday, January 12, 2021 - link

    Ok, that was not too exciting.
  • jcdl - Tuesday, January 12, 2021 - link

    I was hoping to see some product announcements from Lenovo to match what Intel put out yesterday. Just when they finally brought back 16:10 and 3:2 displays my dreams were crushed by quad core Intel CPUs.
  • Hulk - Tuesday, January 12, 2021 - link

    Any mention of when zen 3 will have widespread availability?
  • Targon - Tuesday, January 12, 2021 - link

    CES is more to talk about new products and isn't about talking about already released products(the quarterly results Q&A is where you may get the answer). My feeling is that over the next month there should be a significant improvement in availability since we are through the holiday shopping season.
  • ellcon17 - Tuesday, January 12, 2021 - link

    Where is threadripper?! Come on!
  • bernstein - Tuesday, January 12, 2021 - link

    aw snap, was hoping for more milan news!
    i know the big guys already have it, i really look forward for us mere mortals :-D

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