Our MacBook Air just arrived and before even turning it on we had a few burning questions we had to answer. These questions of course required us to break out the screw driver and open up the poor little thing.

The MacBook Air is surprisingly easy to take apart, you simply have to remove 10 screws from the bottom of the notebook and just pull the base away. There's no prying, no heat gun and no special tools required. This was infinitely easier than taking apart the iPhone.

With the bottom off you'll see this:

The big black thing that takes up the majority of the real estate is the Air's battery, to remove it you simply unscrew it from the chassis:

With the battery out of the way the MacBook Air is much simpler on the inside. The upper left houses the hard drive and next to it is the motherboard. The little thing in the lower right is the wireless adapter.

We wanted to accomplish two things: get a closer look at the hard drive and have a look at the SFF CPU/chipset that we'd been so obsessed with a couple of weeks ago. Getting the battery out wasn't a problem, but replacing the hard drive proved to be a little more challenging.

Removing the Hard Drive


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