E3 2000 Report

by Jason Clark on May 19, 2000 3:24 PM EST
Thursday morning, we met with AMD in the GOD (Gathering of Developers) parking lot. AMD updated their roadmap and strategy a little bit for E3, but nothing revolutionary.

Giga what?
These days, Gigahertz is the buzz word around the two CPU giants. AMD is also committed to providing processor solutions for ALL markets. This, of course, will include the higher-end server market, which will be a first for AMD. One of the main focuses during the AMD meeting was their branding. "Athlon is here to stay" is the impression that was delivered to us. Athlon's main competitors are the Pentium III and at some point this year, Willamette. Duron, AMD's new competition for the Celeron is going to be directed at the home and business value market. K6-2 is still there as well as other competitive solutions.

Duron was another area of key focus. AMD is quite proud of this new entry into the CPU market. The Duron will feature the same 200 Mhz FSB as the Athlon, along with Full speed on chip cache. The plan for Duron is, of course, to eventually phase out the K6-2 processor at the lower clock speeds. Duron should be out in June sometime.

AMD's branding is still basically unchanged -- the server and workstation market will be the Athlon Ultra, and the high performance market will still be the Athlon. The value market is the Duron and K6-2.

Thunderbird was another area of focus. AMD had a machine running, utilizing the Thunderbird CPU. The Thunderbird represents AMD's next big step, On Die Cache. It's hard to judge a CPU's performance just by watching a few demos, but it was clear that the CPU is very key in AMD's roadmap.

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