A lot of you probably looked twice at the heading for this article.  ABIT is making computer sound products?  The same ABIT that makes motherboards?  Yes, they have entered the computer sound market with a full 5.1 surround sound solution that should be hitting shelves in the coming weeks.

ABIT Computer Corporation makes their first step into computer audio with a package that includes the AU10 sound card and the SP50 surround sound speaker package.  The surround processing is done through software, and then outputted to the speaker system in analog format.  The amplifiers for all of the satellites are integrated into the subwoofer enclosure, reducing the cabling requirements and adding some flexibility to the system, making setup of the speakers relatively easier.

ABIT has also designed some speaker stands for the system that will be offered in addition to the surround sound system.  The stands we used in testing were the ABIT ST02 tabletop stands for the front surround positions, and the ST12 floor stands for the rear surrounds.  ABIT is offering two versions of these stands; the ST01 and ST11 series have a slightly different styling.


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