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Now that the week of the 12th is upon us, let's see how a quick stock check at the usual suspects turns out. April 2010 Video Card Prices Video Card Original MSRP Available Price Radeon HD 5850 $259 $299 Radeon HD 5870 $379 $419 Radeon HD 5870E6 $479 $499 GeForce GTX 470 $349 $379-$399 GeForce GTX 480 $499 $539 Although not all of the GTX 400 series cards from the initial wave have reached etailers yet, it looks like the bulk of the cards have come in and gone out the door. Newegg, ZipZoomFly, and MWave all have had cards going in and out of stock all day long, while Best Buy and Amazon are still backordered/pre-ordering. Meanwhile pricing is highly variable with MSRP cards selling out quickly while you can still find and buy a card if you're willing to pay a $30-$50...

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