The Axon 30 uses a new second-generation under-display camera with an OLED from Visionox, and features the Snapdragon 870- does it convince enough for the $499 price tag?

ZTE Grand X IN: New Intel Medfield Based Smartphone Coming to Europe

ZTE is announcing a new smartphone today, the Grand X IN. It's their first Intel based smartphone, and it makes use of the same Medfield platform we reviewed back...

17 by Stefan Constantinescu on 8/30/2012

ZTE Mimosa X: First Smartphone Powered by NVIDIA's Icera 450 Modem

In May of last year NVIDIA was on a roll. Hot off the release of the first Tegra 2 based phones, NVIDIA announced the intent to acquire baseband manufacturer...

4 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 2/20/2012

CTIA: AT&T Outs 5 New Android Phones, Atrix 2 for $99 on-contract

The Fall hits just keep coming. Today AT&T joined partners Motorola, Samsung, Pantech and newcomer ZTE to announce 5 new Android handsets due out this Fall. The line-up includes...

5 by Jason Inofuentes on 10/11/2011

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