11:51AM EDT - I'm here at the SFJAZZ Center for Google's second Made By Google press event

11:51AM EDT - . Last year saw the release of the Pixel XL smartphone, the Chromecast Ultra, Daydream, and other Google products

11:51AM EDT - For this year's event I'm expecting a similar series of reveals

11:53AM EDT - The big expectation this year is of course a new Pixel phone, which is widely expected to be the Google Pixel XL 2

11:56AM EDT - Google has admittedly had some leaking issues, so it's likely we've already seen most, if not all of the correct specifications already

11:57AM EDT - Snapdragon 835, 18:9 screen, etc

12:00PM EDT - Meanwhile Verizon has already confirmed that it will once again be Google's exclusive partner in the US: https://twitter.com/diegoscotti/status/915581488699146241

12:00PM EDT - And here we go

12:01PM EDT - Starting with a quick discussion of recent events in the United States, and Google giving their condolences

12:02PM EDT - Moving from a mobile-first world to an AI-first world

12:03PM EDT - Discussing how AI and computer vision is being used to improve Google Street View in Lagos

12:04PM EDT - 5K kilometers of roads, 50K addresses, 100K businesses mapped

12:05PM EDT - Computers should adapt to people, not people to computers

12:06PM EDT - Google wants AI to be conversational, ambient, thoughtfully contextual, and learn & adapt

12:08PM EDT - (Ian will be especially pleased with contextual improvements)

12:09PM EDT - Google thinks the best way to do this is to leverage and combine their efforts in AI, hardware, and software

12:11PM EDT - Continuing to discuss AI improvements. AutoML has already surpassed Google's previous object detection technology

12:11PM EDT - Now on stage: Rick Osterloh

12:12PM EDT - Recapping Google's hardware launches of the past year

12:13PM EDT - And Google has continuted to grow their hardware capabilities, such as their recent partial HTC acquisition

12:13PM EDT - Now rolling a trailer

12:15PM EDT - There are now 55M Chromecast and Chromecast-enabled devices in the world

12:16PM EDT - Now on to discussing Pixel, particularly how well it did in adoption and consumer satisfaction

12:16PM EDT - "The playing field for hardware components is leveling off"

12:16PM EDT - "Moore's law [...] is a idea from the past"

12:17PM EDT - Yearly updates in particular are in jeopardy, since slowing hardware progress limits what can be done in a single year

12:18PM EDT - Instead Google will focus on a mix of AI, hardware, and software

12:18PM EDT - Now recapping the various AI features of the past year in Google's hardware products

12:19PM EDT - Though acknowledging that it's still the early days for machine learning and applications thereof

12:19PM EDT - "Radically helpful"

12:20PM EDT - "Made by Google products represent the ultimate Google experience"

12:20PM EDT - Now on stage: Rishi Chandra to talk about the Home team

12:22PM EDT - Rishi is starting with a recap of recent Home improvements such as Voice Match, and new supported regions such as Japan

12:22PM EDT - Voice Match is rolling out today to all 7 countries that Google Home is available in

12:22PM EDT - Hands-free calling is coming to the UK later this year

12:23PM EDT - And everyone is going to be getting the ability to call from their mobile number

12:23PM EDT - Now on stage: Isebelle Olsson, to talk about Home hardware

12:24PM EDT - "We design for the spaces our products live in"

12:25PM EDT - Announcing Google Home Mini

12:25PM EDT - Smaller to be put in more rooms. Cover made almost entirely out of fabric

12:26PM EDT - There are 4 lights under the fabric. And it is touch-sensitive

12:26PM EDT - Mini can be connected to any Chromecast speaker wirelessly

12:27PM EDT - 3 colors. Apparently some of these colors took a while to perfect

12:28PM EDT - MSRP $49. Available October 19th in all 7 countries that have Google Home

12:28PM EDT - Now rolling an ad

12:29PM EDT - "We can't wait for you to try out Mini"

12:30PM EDT - Now discussing new Google Assistant features. Google will be improving the Routines feature

12:30PM EDT - Google Assistant will be able to find your phone as well (including iPhones)

12:31PM EDT - Google is also working with Nest

12:31PM EDT - Now on stage: Yoky Matuoka of Nest

12:32PM EDT - Talking about how to use Nest Cam with Google Home and Chromecast

12:32PM EDT - Use voice commands to get a Chromecast to show the Nest camera

12:35PM EDT - Also using Google Home to adjust lighting, heating, and security cameras all at once

12:36PM EDT - Back on stage: Rishi

12:36PM EDT - New feature: Broadcast

12:36PM EDT - Assistant can broadcast commands to units throughout the house

12:37PM EDT - Google Home is getting Family Link account support

12:37PM EDT - Voice recognition accuracy has been improved with kids

12:37PM EDT - Now rolling an ad

12:39PM EDT - Google has partnered with Disney and WB to provide content for kids

12:39PM EDT - Rolling out later this month

12:39PM EDT - Another video

12:41PM EDT - Announcing Google Home Max

12:41PM EDT - Announcing Google Home Max

12:41PM EDT - More than 20x more powerful than the regular Home

12:42PM EDT - Also announcing Smart Sound. Allows Max to adapt to the user

12:42PM EDT - Adjust the sound balance based on position, etc. Based on machine learning

12:43PM EDT - Also adjust audio based on time of day, content, surrounding noise, etc

12:45PM EDT - $399

12:45PM EDT - Available in December

12:45PM EDT - Now rolling a video

12:47PM EDT - Now on stage: Matt Vokun

12:47PM EDT - Discussing the laptop experience

12:48PM EDT - Google Pixelbook

12:49PM EDT - 4-1 design. Tablet, laptop, tent, etc

12:49PM EDT - 12.3"

12:49PM EDT - 12.3" touchscreen

12:50PM EDT - Intel Core i5/i7 processors

12:51PM EDT - Instant Tethering with Pixel phone

12:51PM EDT - "Won't slow down over its lifetime"

12:52PM EDT - First laptop with Google Assistant

12:53PM EDT - Also has a key for typing out Assistant requests

12:53PM EDT - Google Pixelbook pen as well

12:54PM EDT - Partnered with Wacom. 10ms latency

12:54PM EDT - Full Google Play support for Pixelbook

12:55PM EDT - Many developers developing apps for the larger screen

12:55PM EDT - Now rolling a video

12:57PM EDT - An example of where Google is combining software, hardware, and AI

12:57PM EDT - Starts at $999. 3 configurations

12:57PM EDT - Ships October 31st

12:58PM EDT - The pen is a further $99

12:58PM EDT - Now on to Pixel phones

12:58PM EDT - (Google is moving at warp speed here)

12:59PM EDT - Google Pixel 2

01:00PM EDT - 5 inch and 6.2 inch XL

01:00PM EDT - All aluminum body

01:01PM EDT - Unlocks faster than any other phone

01:01PM EDT - No 3.5 inch audio jack

01:01PM EDT - 5.2" 1080p OLED display

01:02PM EDT - 3 colors

01:02PM EDT - 6 inch XL is QHD+ pOLED

01:02PM EDT - Circular polarizer

01:03PM EDT - The phones are feature-identical, other than screens

01:04PM EDT - Now discussing UI improvements

01:04PM EDT - Always on display

01:05PM EDT - On device machine learning. Local music identificat

01:05PM EDT - Live demo time

01:06PM EDT - At a glance view

01:07PM EDT - Active Edge: squeeze for Google Assistant

01:07PM EDT - Can also use squeezes for other tasks

01:08PM EDT - Getting Google Home's new routines and other features

01:09PM EDT - Launching with pure Android Oreo

01:11PM EDT - Now discussing Google Lens

01:11PM EDT - Pixels phones will get a preview this year

01:13PM EDT - Still early days for Lens

01:13PM EDT - 95% voice accuracy rate

01:14PM EDT - Now discussing augmented reality and ARcore

01:15PM EDT - ARstickers for Pixel phones

01:17PM EDT - ARstickers from multiple media brands

01:18PM EDT - Now talking about the Pixel 2's camera in depth

01:18PM EDT - Now talking about the Pixel 2's camera in depth

01:19PM EDT - 12MP camera

01:20PM EDT - OIS and new auto focus mechanism

01:20PM EDT - Adding portrait mode as well

01:20PM EDT - Google has to do it with 1 camera though

01:21PM EDT - Dual pixel camera. Left and right view pixels

01:21PM EDT - Portrait mode works on the front camera as well

01:22PM EDT - Fused video stabilization with EIS and OIS

01:22PM EDT - Getting a Live Photos mode as well

01:23PM EDT - Now rolling a video composed of clips shot on a Pixel 2

01:25PM EDT - Pixel 2 users will get free unlimited storage, including 4K videos

01:25PM EDT - Average of 23GB of photos per Pixel user

01:27PM EDT - New transfer utility. Average 10min or less

01:27PM EDT - $649 and $849

01:29PM EDT - Finally, google is including a Home Mini with the Pixel 2 for a limited time

01:29PM EDT - Now rolling a video

01:29PM EDT - I'm a bit concerned about subpixel density on the smaller phone

01:30PM EDT - If it's Pentile, then he effective resolution will be lower than 1080p

01:31PM EDT - New version of Daydream View headset

01:32PM EDT - Discussing a slate of new Daydream content to come

01:32PM EDT - $99

01:32PM EDT - Google Pixel Buds wireless earbuds

01:33PM EDT - Controls are built into the right earbud

01:34PM EDT - Now demoing a real time translation scenario using the Pixel 2 and earbuds

01:34PM EDT - Not quite real time, but still impressive

01:36PM EDT - Pocket charging case as well

01:36PM EDT - $159 available in November

01:37PM EDT - One last product

01:37PM EDT - Google Clips camera

01:38PM EDT - A camera that takes photos for hou

01:38PM EDT - Camera software determines when to take photos

01:39PM EDT - Looks for stable, clear shots of people the camera knows

01:39PM EDT - All AI is processed locally

01:41PM EDT - $249. Coming soon

01:41PM EDT - Recapping how this blends AI, hardware, and software

01:43PM EDT - And that's a wrap. Time for a hands on

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  • zeeBomb - Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - link

    Seems like AI is the huge centerpiece of today's keynote.
  • quiksilvr - Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - link

    HAHAHAHAH! $849 for the XL?! Get outta here with that nonsense.
  • soliloquist - Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - link

    The pricing is a little disappointing. I guess if you were already planning to get a google home its like a $50 discount, but still.

    Camera looks nice, other wise seems like more of the same.
  • crimson117 - Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - link

    I really just don't understand the rush to get rid of 3.5mm headphone jacks.
  • kaesden - Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - link

    I dont understand it either. Scratch one more potential phone purchase off my list.
  • zuber - Thursday, October 5, 2017 - link

    They want more people to play with their dongles.

    Bluetooth audio is lossy, so audiophiles are out of luck if they want to listen to music on their phones.
  • sonny73n - Saturday, October 7, 2017 - link

    Audiophiles can go to the Chinese. What I have in my hands now is a $200 phone bought from Best Buy. It has 1920x1080 AMOLED display, 32-bit/192kHz audio with Dolby Atmos & Dolby Digital Plus audio enhancement. It sounds amazing with my Audio Technica headphones. Beats the hell out of my stupid iPhone 6s in term of display and sound qualities.

    I have ditched Google since the Nexus 5. Now all they have are overpriced junks just like Apple.
  • zodiacfml - Sunday, October 15, 2017 - link

    I strongly agree!
  • zodiacfml - Sunday, October 15, 2017 - link

    There is. There is only a fraction of the people using it. I have no idea how much but a wild guess is less than 50% of smartphone users.
  • boeush - Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - link

    Regarding the Pixel 2, I'm not sure why we'd need a polarizer - whether circular or otherwise - on an OLED screen...

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