Quick Look

A-Top Translucent X2 588

The Good


+ Translucent bezel
Slide out motherboard tray
+ Side panels
+ Inexpensive

The Bad

- Questionable construction quality
- Loud
- Power supply located above CPU

Apple's iMac took the industry by storm and quickly became one of the best sellers on the market. The secret? Top performance? No. Ease of use? Partially. But the real secret may be that translucent blue case that just seems to make consumers go nuts. Apple recognized this fact and their new G3 machines are also featured in a translucent case, while a variety of colors have been added to the iMac line up.

The iMac's success has inspired translucent cases for all kind of products, from the latest MP3 players, to USB hubs, to the most natural of all - PC cases. In the PC world, we've pretty much always had plain off white computers. A few have ventured into the black case market, but these are fairly rare as well. A-Top's entry is their Translucent X2 588, available in blue, purple, or turquoise.

But for most AnandTech readers, it's more than just looks that make a good case. How is the cooling? The construction? How loud is it?


Form Factor ATX Mid Tower
Drive Bays

Three external 5.25"
One external 3.5"

Two internal 3.5"

Cooling Power supply exhaust fan
80mm intake fan at front of case
Other Features Side panel access
Slide out motherboard tray

15.75" x 8.25" x 16.625 "

Power Supply

Tough Power ATC-250TU

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