Back in August we took a look at the MC1000 and MC2000 coolers, impressive solutions from a relatively unheard of company, Swiftech. The beauty of the MC1000, in particular, was that it, as a peltier cooler, was able to offer professional level cooling performance at the fairly reasonable price of $120. Since the original MC1000 article was published, Swiftech has even outfitted the cooler with a backplate that supports AMD's Athlon CPU, and now, with the advent of Athlon overclocking cards, we are finding the MC1000 of even greater use. Now, this is all wonderful to talk about if you are in the position to spend the hundreds of dollars on a CPU, but with the MC1000 Swiftech was leaving out a key portion of the overclocking market: Socket-370 Celeron owners.

Luckily, the MC1000 came with support for Socket-370 to Slot-1 adapter cards, but, once again, the lack of support for the Socket-370 form factor in its original form kept BP6 and other Socket-370 motherboard owners from enjoying the benefits that the MC1000 offered.

With the extreme popularity of the MC1000, Swiftech decided to go ahead and create a Socket-370 version of the cooler and rightfully dubbed it the MC370. With the MC370 you run into a problem that you didn't have with the MC1000 -- dissipating the heat generated by the peltier. Is this all Greek to you? In order to clear up any confusion, let's first take a look at the technology behind Swiftech's line of coolers.

The Peltier Effect
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