Sony has released System Software version 4.00 for PlayStation 3 owners. This update primarily supports integration with the PlayStation Vita, which is launching in Japan on December 17 (the North American and European launch date is February 22). Otherwise, this major version jump brings relatively few new features relative to versions 2.00 and 3.00. 

WIth this update, the PS3 gains the ability to transfer video, images, music, and game data to and from the Vita. You can also backup your Vita to your PS3, and register the Vita as a Remote Play device. A few other changes round out the update: Blu-ray content now supports "upscaler output and cinema coversion," English (UK) and Portuguese (Brazil) langauge support has been added, and new privacy settings allow users to block other users from sending them messages or friend requests. Lastly, PlayStation Plus members may now choose what software is updated by the Automatic Update feature.

Other gaming consoles will also be seeing fairly major software updates ahead of the winter holidays: the Xbox 360 will be getting its biggest overhaul since 2008's New Xbox Experience update, which will bring support for cloud game saving, Skype, a new Metro-style interface, and other features. Nintendo's 3DS will gain the ability to film 3D videos, transfer software between devices, download game demos, and download software while in sleep mode. Both of these updates are scheduled to hit next week.

Source: Sony

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