Quick Look

Supermicro SC750-A
ATX Full Tower

The Good


+ Lots of room inside to work with
+ Lots of cooling options
Top notch build quality
+ Side panels
+ Easy to find

The Bad

- Expensive
- Loud
- Bigger isn't always better

Founded in October 1993, Supermicro is a fairly young company that began life in San Jose, CA, unlike much of the computer industry whose roots are in Asia. Supermicro grew quickly, developing high performance, reliable motherboards and, thus, quickly became well known in the server/workstation markets. AnandTech has looked at a number of motherboards from Supermicro and they've become known for their excellent server boards that are used in do or die situations everyday.

What happens when you let a company so entrenched in the server market design a case? You get a server case, of course, made specifically for servers by people that have been working with servers for years. These guys know exactly what is important for this market.

The fruit of that work and experience is the Supermicro SC750-A, an ATX full tower case that has gained its own little following among tweakers for its excellent build quality and cooling options. Let's see how the SC750-A fills its role as a server and also delve into why it's a tweaker's dream case.


Form Factor ATX Full Tower
Drive Bays

6 external 5.25"
1 external 3.5"
1 internal 5.25"
2 internal 3.5"


Power supply exhaust fan
92 mm exhaust fan above PSU
4 - 80 mm intake fans adjacent to 5.25" bays
3 - 80 mm intake fans in front

40 mm exhaust adjacent to CPU

Other Features Side panel access
Mechanical locking

30.5 x 9.5 x 20 inches
670 x 210 x 440 mm

Power Supply

Sparkle FSP300-60GT (300W)
Supermicro SP301-RA (300W Redundant Cooling) - Optional
Supermicro SP401-RA (400W Redundant Cooling) - Optional

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